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Who Are The Zodiac Fabbies?

The Zodiac Fabbies are a squad of fabulous astrological multi-dimensional queens. The Zodiac Fabbies were created as an artistic expression representing the beautiful and complex nature of our existence.While many of us are familiar with our "Sun" zodiac signs, we have many other astrological placements in our chart that in totality help make up who we are. Some of these signs include are our Moon and Rising signs, and The Zodiac Fabbies visually represent the different, vibrant, and diverse character traits that exist in each of us. We can all see ourselves in each one of the Fabbies, no matter our zodiac sign. We are all individually unique, but there is a spectacular connectedness that exists as we were all born on the same planet, sharing space and energy.  The beauty that we can recognize in others already lives within us all. We are all much more alike than we are different, and the Zodiac connects us in that way. The Zodiac Fabbies are us all.

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